Why JnrTalks Exists.

JnrTalks is a Gen-Z blogging platform that addresses contemporary issues, raises the faint voices of Gen-Zers, and spurs Gen-Zers to take actionable impacts in the world

About Us

Our Mantra

Here at JnrTalks, we believe that while data suggests children are 26% of the world’s population, they are 100% of the world’s future. In addition, when a farmer sees an unhealthy tree, he doesn’t look at the branches to diagnose it. He looks at the root. Gen-Zers are the root. In order to create a better future, Gen Zers no longer need to look up to branches of government for solutions. JnrTalks mission is to invest in early education in order to empower the Gen-Zers. We do that by invoking the irresistible power of the “PEN ACTION”

Your Role in Shaping World.

Share Your Story.

Storytelling is one of the powerful means of passing a piece of information. Stories educate, enlighten, empower the audience. A story helps the reader to connect the dots between the past and present. A shared story helps others make informed decisions. You want to share your story today? Click on the link below.

Speak Up.

Stand what you believe so that don’t fall for what you don’t believe in. Your right to speak is as fundamental as your right to live. Any attempt to personally infringe on your right to speak comes at a cost. Don’t be silent for the fear of being silenced. The only rights you have in this world are the ones you speak up for.

Be Kind.

Those two lettered words go as far as helping humanity in whatever way. Providence doesn’t need your kindness but your neighbor does. Be kind enough to tell stories, and to share other people’s story. You never can tell, someone’s probably waiting for you to share that story.

Think Tank of The Week.

Global problems call for global responses. In order that we avoid global suffering, we must assume global responsibility.

What would you do if you could do anything in the world? Once you identify that, answer the next question. What’s holding you back?

The Pen Action.

Recent Causes

Share Your Story.

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we look forward to anyone who would like to raise their voice. Remember, the only rights you have are ones you speak up for.